Report: 2018 TAG Cyber Security Annual

Agari joins the nation’s top cybersecurity companies participating in the inaugural publication of the 2018 TAG Cybersecurity Annual – Practical Handbook and Reference Guide for the Working Cybersecurity Professional. This report details a new urgency for how America’s information security and technology professionals respond to escalating and increasingly complex cyberattacks, with a special focus on U.S. infrastructure companies, including energy, telecommunications, manufacturing, health care and utilities.

The report includes a comprehensive analysis of the cybersecurity industry with insights from C-level executives. It calls on tech leaders of the largest and most important American enterprises to rethink their approach to defend against cyberattacks that are not only likely, but occurring at an increasing rate.

Volume 1: Practical Handbook & Reference Guide for the Working Cyber Security Professional

Volume 2: Cyber Security Industry Luminary Interviews

Volume 3: TAG Cyber Vendor Listings