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Business Email Compromise (BEC) costs organizations 50X more than ransomware.

At Agari, we know that it takes an ecosystem of organizations tracking and reporting cyber criminal activity to combat BEC attacks. And we know that combatting BEC cyber criminals at scale is difficult to do.

Agari’s BEC Automated Deception System (BADS) works to disrupt cyber criminals by engaging with them using an automated system that tracks intelligence and reports their BEC attacks to law enforcement and financial institutions. Thus, if a cyber criminal is trying to make a fraudulent wire transfer, the financial institution can shut down the account and the FBI can stop cyber criminal activity. This deception system allows organizations to work at scale and contribute to the ecosystem dedicated to combating BEC.

Join our BADS pilot program to get updates on the program status and be one of the first organizations to automate tracking and combatting BEC attacks.

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