Make BEC a Much Less Common Crime

How to Protect Against Identity Deception

Thursday, November 16th, 2017 | 9am PT | 12pm ET | 5pm GMT | 6pm CET

Financial institutions are in the spotlight for email attacks, making up 64% of all brand impersonation attacks and receiving upwards of 200 million malicious emails. At the same time, these organizations must boost customer, employee and partner loyalty by providing digital, on-demand access to data. Because of this, it’s no longer enough to just stop social engineering, business email compromise (BEC) and identity deception – organizations must take it a step further.

By tracking, identifying and disrupting criminals, organizations can participate in takedowns that involve financial institutions, mail infrastructure providers, and law enforcement. In addition to protecting your organization, these takedown efforts increase the attacker’s cost and risk.

FS-ISAC’s Chief Information Risk Officer, Greg Temm will moderate a lively and informative web panel discussion with Agari’s Field CTO, John Wilson, a head of security at a large financial banking institution and a security official from a mid-sized community bank.

This web panel discussion will:

  • Provide strategic and tactical ways to secure your organization and make sure fraudulent activity is thwarted
  • Dialogue on the responsibility financial institutions have on combatting money laundering
  • Recommend courses of action for organizations with or without a fraud team
  • Learn how to go beyond passive defense to increase the criminal’s cost and risk
  • Go behind the scenes in several unique “Cyber Criminal Takedowns” as we engage attackers and reveal their tactics

Join us for this interactive webinar and bring your questions. 

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Meet the Speakers



Greg Temm

Chief Information Risk Officer, FS-ISAC

John Wilson

Field Chief Technology Officer, Agari, Inc

What Our Customers Are Saying

quote Phishers have decided to focus on BEC. They are sending well crafted emails to get executives to move money. Before Agari, many of these emails were getting through; with Agari, we are now protected.

Howard Gordon, Vice President, ISO, Farm Bureau Bank

quote We’re making the organization more efficient, we’re reducing risk to our customers, and we’re getting a lift in terms of where we’re spending money on email marketing campaigns.

CRO, Fortune 50 Global Financial Institution