DMARC protects over 80% of the consumer inboxes in North America and over 60% of the consumer inboxes worldwide. Large consumer mailbox services often
host email for many domains on the same email system. The following list shows domains that are hosted on mail services supporting the DMARC standard. Users with email addresses at these domains are protected by your DMARC policies. DMARC is The Most Powerful Weapon to Date in the Fight Against Email Attacks.
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Services: Email Security, Data Loss Prevention, Advanced Threat Solutions, Information Protection. Join companies worldwide like Facebook, Apple, JPMorgan Chase and PayPal who have adopted DMARC to protect their customers and their brands. DMARC is an open email standard created by the industry consortium, of which Agari is a founding member. It works in conjunction with well-known email standards SPF and DKIM, and is the only way for email senders to tell email receivers that emails they are sending are truly from them.
DMARC stands for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, & Conformance. Using DMARC, companies that send mail can:
Authenticate all legitimate email messages and sources for their email-sending domains, including owned and third party domains.
Publish an explicit policy that instructs mailbox providers how to deliver or dispose of messages that are determined to be inauthentic.
Gain intelligence on all use of their domains in email messages from across the internet.


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Click here to see the list of consumer mailbox domains hosted by these providers