Email Risk Assessment

Take the first step to mitigate the risk that email poses to your employees and your business.

Email Risk

Criminals prey on your employees because standard email practices allow them to easily hide in the crowd of email noise. They also take advantage of the lack of email governance, which is typical in most businesses. How much do you understand the authenticity of email being sent to your employees?

Email Risk Assessment

By understanding the answers to these questions, you are taking the first steps to mitigating the risk that email poses to your employees and your business.

1.  How much email is sent to your employees each day using your own internal domains, but coming from external sources?  

     — How many of those external sources using your domains to send to your employees are authorized to do so AND are authenticating the email traffic they send?

2.  How much email and from what domains are sent to your employees each day from partners and vendors? 

       — Are these partner and vendor messages sent from authentic and authorized sources?

3.  How many emails are sent to your employees each day from free mail or webmail domains?

      — Do you allow partners and vendors to use free mail or webmail domains for business emails sent to your employees?

4.  How many emails are sent to your employees each day from social networks?

5.  How many total unique sources send email to your employees each day?

Take action on the above email risk assessment by downloading our guide to email authentication or contacting Agari for a demo today.

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