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Phishing is Just the Beginning: The Battle Against Advanced Email Threats Enters a New Phase

Armen Najarian December 4th, 2018 News

When I joined Agari about six months ago, I knew the power that comes from putting AI with advanced machine learning and a massive global dataset into the hands of data science rockstars.

Training this combination on the gaping holes in email security is an incredibly exciting business proposition to me. What I didn’t know at the time, however, was just how quickly the market demand for this type of solution would accelerate, and just how Agari would rise to the challenge.

Agari has always been known as a leader at the vanguard of email security, dating from founder Pat Peterson’s work at IronPort Systems and Cisco, to his role helping to establish the DMARC standard for email authentication, to the development of Agari’s industry-leading email phishing solutions. But, Agari is no longer focused simply on email authentication. Our mission is much larger, and it starts and ends with people.

To start, the Agari team—our tribe so to speak—is all-in. We aren’t here to just reactively slap a band-aid on the latest email threat. We have a far different view of the world, and we are driven by that common mission. It’s one that is as simple as it is profound: we protect digital communications to ensure humanity prevails over evil.

Call of Duty

Let’s put it this way: Whether it’s phishing, business email compromise scams, account takeover-based attacks, or some other scheme capitalizing on the latest news headline or life event, fraudsters are here to stay, and they’re armed to the teeth with technology stacks familiar to any modern enterprise.

Cybercrime rings and nation-states are organized and equipped with well-tooled demand generation, sales, and development operations. But their plots are sinister, and focused on illicit gains or on compromising adversaries.

As it stands, the average cost of a successful email attack can run your organization $1.6 million and up. If it leads to a data breach, you’re facing an average of $7.9 million in costs, according to Ponemon Institute—not to mention dilution of your brand, possible fines, and even criminal prosecution. Today, more than 90% of data breaches start with a malicious email. And the probability that you’ll fall victim within the next 24 months is now 27.9%—and growing.

Which means it’s time for a paradigm shift. The new Agari explainer video below sums it up well. This video is part of a major brand transformation to help articulate what Agari stands for and outline our ground-breaking innovations that will shift the balance of power in this rapidly escalating arms race.

Make no mistake about it—the next chapter of the Agari story is an exciting one.

The Good, the Bad, and the Email

Think of it this way. Even the casual reader of Sun Tzu knows mere vigilance against attack keeps you perpetually on the defensive, right?

To win in battle, the first order of business is to know your enemy. So instead of focusing on “the bad”—searching the entire threat surface of an organization to react to an attack in progress—Agari models “the good,” and focuses on the actual sender identity in order to recognize who’s launching an attack and at whom in order to neutralize it.

Using predictive AI, we graph email communications across users, organizations, and infrastructures to understand the relationship between sender and recipient. That makes it easy to spot anomalies that signal fraud, and to disrupt attacks before they can ever reach their targets.

We’re able to do all this by leveraging the power of the network effects at Internet scale. Drawing on intelligence from the more than 2 trillion email messages we analyze each year, our data models enable us to anticipate and neutralize emerging threats using deeper, more relevant insights that continuously grow smarter and more effective over time.

The Age of Agari

For businesses, it’s not just about the evil Agari keeps out of the inbox. It’s about what it brings to the table: the confidence to open, click, and trust everything in your inbox. This is our brand promise to the markets we serve.

The increase in productivity throughout the enterprise can be enormous. When everyone from the staff to the C-suite can confidently communicate, collaborate, and share sensitive business information via email without ever again fearing fraud or a Zero Day event, agility grows exponentially. The ability to execute on strategy skyrockets.

All of this is especially important as businesses continue the move to the cloud, as our CEO Ravi Khatod explains in a recent post on some of the amazing new capabilities Agari is bringing to bear as part of our brand reintroduction.

So yes, phishing was just the beginning. Where Agari is taking things next is a game changer.

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