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Building the Agari Cybersecurity Community: European User Group

Agari March 16, 2016 Events
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As Agari’s CEO, Patrick Peterson, often comments (and I paraphrase) – we can enhance the cybersecurity ecosystem by creating a global, connected community of worldwide brands, mail providers and technology partners to gain an unprecedented level of visibility and protection against email-based cyber attacks.

Recently we took another step toward strengthening that ecosystem by hosting security specialists from Agari customers at a User Group event in London. Local customers, staff and law enforcement representatives were joined by leaders of the Agari Product Management and Customer Success teams to share their experiences.

Topics discussed included best practices and customer experiences, product roadmap, executive dashboard reporting and updates.

Both customers and the Agari team found the session valuable and we collated great user experience insights, as well as input for developing future meetings.

If you would like to participate in or host an Agari User Group event in your region, please contact to register your interest.

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