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May is a busy month for the Agari team. Last week we were at the FS-ISAC summit, and this week, we’re at the NH-ISAC / A-ISAC! If you aren’t familiar with the ISAC events, they are organized by the National Critical Infrastructure Sharing & Analysis Centers. The National Health ISAC (NH-ISAC) focuses on healthcare and public health critical infrastructure security protection, prevention, mitigation, response and recovery initiatives, and the Aviation ISAC (A-ISAC) focuses on relevant security information sharing for the aviation sector. For this upcoming Spring Summit, healthcare will be a primary focus as the industry continues to be the target of malicious attacks - including social engineering attacks gained through the behavior of inattentive or non-compliant employees. Key topics that will be discussed include email security capabilities, business cases for investments in cyber security capabilities, and behavior-based authentication capabilities for pharmas, providers, payers and consumers. (We’re really looking forward to hearing what Alex Stamos, Facebook CSO, has to say about what his team is doing to ensure the safety of the billions of people who use Facebook and its family of services!) We hope to see you there! Click here to get more information about the NH-ISAC / A-ISAC Summit.