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Email Trust Cloud Protects Against Cyber attacks Aids CISOs in Customer Protection & Security

Agari April 21, 2015 Brand Protection
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SAN MATEO, Calif. — April 21, 2015 — Agari, the leading provider of data-driven security solutions that detect and prevent advanced email cyber attacks, today announced the availability of the Agari Email Trust Cloud. Responding to the needs of CISOs, who are looking to advance their digital security initiatives, the launch of the Email Trust Cloud will enable them to eliminate risk and secure email from cyber threats.

Email is the number one source of unmanaged risk in today’s enterprise and the primary vector of cyber attacks against companies and consumers. Through Agari’s work with leading companies in the technology, healthcare, financial and consumer industries, and the data intelligence gained from the Email Trust Cloud, consumers are ensured protection from cyber attacks using email as the threat vector.

Agari has been supporting leading online businesses such as JPMorgan Chase, Facebook, Groupon, Aetna and LinkedIn for the past five years in protecting their email. Now the Agari Email Trust Cloud is available immediately and is being showcased at RSA Booth #4326, in North Hall D.

“As we continue to move toward the digital workplace, there is an inherent need for CMOs, CISOs and CIOs to collaborate and ensure complete protection of their company and customer data,” said Tom Kellermann, Chief Security Officer at Trend Micro. “Most cyber intrusions begin with a spear phishing attack, thus trust in email is being undermined. This initiative is one that all companies need to adopt, otherwise your company’s reputation is at risk. In 2015, brand security and cybersecurity are intertwined.” Using Customer Protect, the Email Trust Cloud protects consumers and outbound email sent from marketers. The Email Trust Cloud also includes protection for inbound email to prevent targeted social engineering attacks with Enterprise Protect. Agari is launching Customer Protect and Enterprise Protect to ensure companies have authentic online relationships and are able to create a trusted ecosystem.

Customer Protect is currently available and Enterprise Protect will be available in June 2015.

Customer Protect enables companies to safeguard the company brand and customer communications, ensuring only legitimate emails sent by marketing, sales and services teams reach customers. In the past, there has been a disconnect between the CMO and CISO, with CMOs using email as the main touch point with consumers and the CISO focusing strictly on internal email security. Built on open standards, the Email Trust Cloud Customer Protect enables CISOs to adapt to the new digital imperative and partner with CMOs to advance the company’s digital strategy and customer experience. By controlling the primary channel for customer engagement, companies have a new competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Enterprise Protect offers a zero-tolerance solution for email security. As the workforce continually evolves to a digital landscape, CIOs are working to help their businesses be more responsive to the changing market environments and demands. With this change, email has become not only the primary channel for employee and partner communication and collaboration, but also the primary channel for cyber attacks. Email Trust Cloud Enterprise Protect authorizes all inbound emails, enabling CISOs to block cyber criminals from targeting employees through email and then launching a broader data breach. The solution protects corporate and customer data, ensuring continuous business operations and compliance in the digital age.

“CISOs have taken significant steps to secure email as a channel of employee and partner communication and collaboration. From a marketing standpoint, CMOs are quickly realizing the need to cross-collaborate to ensure customers and brands are protected,” said Patrick Peterson, founder and CEO of Agari. “The Agari Email Trust Cloud enables users to discover where forged company emails are coming from, enforce a workflow to authenticate legitimate email, and take a streamlined response when email is breached.”

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