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Etailers have cyberattack prevention in the bag

Agari June 26, 2014 Email Security
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Etailers have cyberattack prevention in the bag … but Retailers have a ways to go

What does that online electronics superstore where you love to shop for gadgets have in common with your Facebook page? Good email security. The Etailers sector was tied with Social in terms of the percentage of companies with Security Rockstar ratings. It shouldn’t surprise anyone; since companies like Netflix and Amazon have innovated technically in so many other areas, it stands to reason that they would do well in email security, too. But several Etailers, some of which have big cult followings for their bargain fashion items, aren’t doing quite as well when it comes to secure email.

On the Retail side, Apple is famous for inspiring fanatical loyalty in its customers. In the case of email security, the reputation is clearly well-deserved, because in the world of retail, there is Apple, and there is everyone else. The computer company was the only firm to rank as a superstar; none of the other companies even came close. Obviously, it’s time for them to think different.

In our recently released Q1 TrustIndex, which covers the period from January through March 2014 and identifies the sectors and companies that have the highest and lowest risk for dangerous emails – with a focus on the beleaguered financial industry. You can download the complete Q1 TrustIndex for free here and see how your industry stacks up.

Other Notable highlights from the Agari TrustIndex Report:

  • Health Care continues to be the worst performer across all measures of the study and most susceptible to email attacks and cyber-fraud. Health care records are five times more vulnerable than credit card data, categorizing all but one health care company as Easy Targets.
  • Financial Services was broken down into Payments, Mega Banks, Large Banks and Retail Banks (Europe) in Q1.
  • Retail Banks: in Q1 the ThreatScore for the largest retail banks jumped 500%, primarily the result of two months of heavy spamming connected with two banks. This shows that criminals are constantly shifting their targets and the attack landscape is volatile.
  • Social Media has been a consistent winner in security, with sites such as Facebook and Twitter achieving a perfect TrustScore of 100. These two companies were among the seven companies, out of 133 who achieved a perfect TrustScore.

Read the full report here

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