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Why are we excited about Agari PRO?

Agari April 1, 2014 Email Security
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At Agari HQ, we are thrilled to be rolling out Agari PRO to all of our existing customers, and making it available to all new customers going forward. Agari PRO has been many months, late nights, and take-out meals in the making and we Agarians could not be prouder. To prove it, here are just a few of the choice quotes we have collected from around the office this week!

“It feels like we are stepping up to the plate. We’ve taken all of this data and for the first time I feel like we are presenting it in a way that amplifies who we are at Agari. We take data that can be very difficult to understand and we take the guess work out and present it in a way that gets customers engaged and involved with their email authentication practices in a way they haven’t before.” -Danielle, Solutions Engineer

“I love the product’s ability to monitor incredibly complex global infrastructure and only involve the user when something important happens.” -Patrick Peterson, CEO & Founder

“Previous versions of the Agari system required quite a bit of human intellect to interpret the data as presented in the portal, with Agari PRO we’ve managed to put a lot of that intellect into the machine so that it bubbles up and presents interesting data rather than requiring the user to know exactly where to search and what to look for.” -Chris Meidinger, Senior Sales Engineer

“What makes me excited about Agari PRO? Scalability, ease of use and the visibility is outrageous!” -Ian Levine, Director of Sales- West

“I love that Agari PRO has taken such a giant leap forward in usability – that any employee with a vested interest in keeping email secure, including marketing, can login to the portal and gain useful insights into their email channel.” -Kristen Alexander, Head of Marketing

“Agari PRO significantly lowers the barriers to adoption of DMARC, even for companies with the most complex email ecosystems.” -Thede Loder, VP of Product

“I love the new Domain Diagnostics and Data Explorer!” -Mike Jones, Director of Product Management

To get a demo of the brand new Agari PRO, contact

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