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Google Eyes Phishing Websites

Agari July 11, 2013 Email Security
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Phishing continues to cause problems across the Internet. So much so, that Google has added the online threats to its transparency report. Through the report, users will be able to see just how widespread the problem is and how many unsafe phishing websites are detected per week.

The first transparency report to include this data was released in late June and showed a year over year snapshot of the problem.

As you can see, Google began tracking phishing in 2008 and, five years later, the problem continues to get worse.

The data comes from Google’s Safe Browsing Program which alerts users when they come across a malicious website.

Google says in addition to the updated weekly stats on phishing, users can see “how many people see Safe Browsing warnings each week, where malicious sites are hosted around the world, how quickly websites become reinfected after their owners clean malware from their sites, and other tidbits we’ve surfaced.”

Google has worked with Agari to keep its users safe from email phishing attacks and has now taken that a step further by being proactive in alerting people to potentially damaging phishing websites. The bottom line is that phishing is more than just an email problem. Phishing sites prey on people similar to email, resulting in the loss of personal and financial information. As Agari remains committed to making email safe, we applaud Google’s efforts to eliminate phishing websites and help make the Web a safer place.

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