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Introducing: Agari Postal!

Agari April 1, 2014 Fun
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Many of you know the offline world by different names – meatspace, reality, RL, inside the matrix, Earth’s gravity well – but whatever you call it, they all have one thing in common: most messages are written with a pen or printed onto single-use paper and are unable to benefit from DMARC’s advantages. In order to address this shortcoming, today Agari is officially announcing Agari Postal- our expansion of DMARC coverage to classic, legacy postal mail!

If you are already an Agari customer, signing up is as simple as starting to report data! You may be familiar with DMARC aggregate or “RUA” data but if not, RUA essentially tracks overall statistics for a domain sending email. In order to take DMARC offline and participate in the next chapter of email authentication, you will need to begin sending “Letter Reporting Cards,” or LRC’s, for each letter you receive. In order to participate, please download and print off the attached aggregate LRC.



You will want to ensure that a sufficient supply of these cards is available near each set of mailboxes in your office. Ensure that at least as many cards are available on a daily basis as the number of letters your employees get – remember that one card must be filled out for /each/ letter, regardless of whether the recipient actually read the contents! Also, please train your employees to fill out /only/ one card for each letter they receive to avoid skewing aggregate data. Once filled out, simply have them drop the card in the office mail!

Once we start to receive your cards, we will immediately begin to incorporate the data into the analytics provided in our existing portal. Agari has been running a closed beta program with just a few valued customers incorporating this new meatspace data feed into our existing DMARC data feeds, so we are proud to launch this service extension today! All of the advanced data analytics you are used to seeing will be expanded to postal mail as soon as your employees begin to participate in the program and send in their LRC’s!

We look forward to any questions or comments you might have about our newest initiative!



Also, April Fools!

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