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Cousin Domain Feature in Agari

Agari October 16, 2014 DMARC
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Cousin Domain – No Email Threats Should Go Uncovered

AgariPRO now gives you the power to find threats that may not yet be uncovered by DMARC with our new Cousin Domain feature.

This feature gives companies insight into cousin domains, domain names that are made to look similar to the real domain of a well known brand, with the intent of fooling the email recipient. This gives companies wider visibility into the possible threats against their customers.

Agari’s Cousin Domain feature will also help identify brand abuse other parts of an email message unrelated to the domain like a subject, display name, or URL. Users can search non-DMARC data sources on words/phrases that are related to your domains, brands, trademarks, and common terms used in phishing for current examples of email threats.

The results can be used to:

  • Find phish URLs and alert your “takedown” vendors to remove specific threats
  • Find and purchase “defensive” domains that could appear to be related to your organization and protect them with DMARC
  • Identify compromised servers sending phish and report the abuse to the hosting company or network owner

Interested in learning more? Contact us for a quick look at our new feature led by one of our email security experts.

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