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Rolling Into Raleigh: Agari Expands RTP Presence to Accommodate Growth

Jacob Rideout September 4, 2019 News

When I joined Agari five years ago, I worked out of my home office in Raleigh, where all I needed was a good internet connection and access to a well-connected airport like RDU. At the time, there were only two employees in the area and thus, there was little need for an Agari office outside of headquarters in Silicon Valley. But with a mission as ambitious as ours—to protect digital communications so that humanity prevails over evil—we quickly realized the importance of an office on the East Coast. 

In order to grow, we needed talented individuals to join the team. And recruiting for a mission-based organization benefits from the visceral impact of everyone working in proximity toward a shared goal. Opening an innovation center beyond our headquarters location became imperative to attracting a diverse and talented team.

Throughout the last few years, the team in Raleigh has grown, expanding from engineering to product management to customer success. As we expanded, we chose to rent a floor at a local coworking location called the Nest. This space gave us the opportunity to work together in one location, and while that location served us well for a number of years, I am thrilled to announce that today we opened our own office in downtown Raleigh.

The Raleigh Rollout

As the Agari team has grown—both in California and in North Carolina—we’ve discovered the importance of working in the same office. While tools like Microsoft Office 365, Slack, and Zoom make it easy to communicate remotely, there is great joy in the culture that we can create when under one roof. Being in the same office gives us the opportunity to eat lunch as a team, get to know our colleagues, mentor junior employees, and draw on a whiteboard. Never underestimate the value of a good whiteboarding session for inspiring creative endeavors! 

And while some of this was available with a suite in a co-working space, nothing is quite as exciting as seeing the Agari logo on the door and our mission statement on the wall in our own official space.

As we open the new office today, I’m excited to see the innovation that will happen within this new space. Agari is growing, and our new office in Raleigh gives us the permanent location we need to hire outstanding employees in the area. 

This office currently includes some of our best engineers, product managers, customer success managers, and sales professionals. Our team directly impacts companies, governments, and other organizations by working to stop cybercriminals from carrying out spear phishing, business email compromise, and brand impersonation scams. 

We’re excited to see more exceptional talent join the team in Raleigh over the course of the next few months as we work together to help everyone trust their inbox.

Interested in joining the Agari team? Check out our open positions in Raleigh!

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