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Steve Katz, FS-ISAC Chairman: Perspectives on Phishing

Nikki Tyson November 24, 2015 Opinion
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Steve Katz – “Phishing and social engineering is still a global threat to every business around today.”

Last year, phishing attacks cost organizations $4.5 billion in losses, but as we all know the loss is not only monetary. These attacks exploit the trust we as customers have in the brands we use.

Recently Agari sat down with the Financial Services industry’s first CISO, previous CSO of Citi Group and the Founder and Chairman of FS-ISAC, Steve Katz, to discuss the phishing threat landscape and the important role companies play in keep their customer safe from malicious phishing attacks.

You can listen to Steve Katz’s perspectives on phishing and the trends for 2016, along with Agari’s Field CTO John Wilson’s webinar on how email phishing erodes corporate trust and decreases revenue.

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