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Q1 TrustIndex Findings: Financial Industry Under Attack

Agari May 20, 2014 Financial IT Security
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But no industry is safe

The attack landscape is volatile – in Q1 the ThreatScore for the largest retail banks jumped 500%. This volatility demonstrates that even companies who are implementing security best practices can never let their guard down. While Q1’s spike is primarily the result of two months of heavy spamming connected with two banks, this shows that criminals are constantly shifting their targets, and that any notion that a company or sector is permanently “safe” is entirely false.

As Verizon’s 2014 Data Breach Investigations Report states, “we don’t see any industries flying completely under the radar. Everyone is vulnerable to some type of event.”

We have just released our Q1 TrustIndex, which covers the period from January through March 2014 and identifies the sectors and companies that have the highest and lowest risk for dangerous emails – with a focus on the beleaguered financial industry. You can download the complete Q1 TrustIndex for free here and see how your industry stacks up.

Other Notable highlights from the Agari TrustIndex Report:

  • Health Care continues to be the worst performer across all measures of the study and most susceptible to email attacks and cyber-fraud. Health care records are five times more vulnerable than credit card data, categorizing all but one health care company as Easy Targets.
  • Financial Services was broken down into Payments, Mega Banks, Large Banks and Retail Banks (Europe) in Q1.
  • Retail Banks: in Q1 the ThreatScore for the largest retail banks jumped 500%, primarily the result of two months of heavy spamming connected with two banks. This shows that criminals are constantly shifting their targets and the attack landscape is volatile.
  • Social Media has been a consistent winner in security, with sites such as Facebook and Twitter achieving a perfect TrustScore of 100. These two companies were among the seven companies, out of 133 who achieved a perfect TrustScore.
  • Retailers are still one of the main targets of email attacks, yet the sector’s ThreatScore decreased by nearly 53% from Q4 to Q1, indicating that fraudsters are aiming for higher profile attacks.
  • Etailers remain leaders in email security, with companies such as Netflix, Amazon and Groupon maintaining perfect, or near-perfect, TrustScores. Retailers have a long way to go to catch up to the security practices of Etailers.

Read the full report here

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