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Agari October 21, 2013 Email Security
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When it comes to the security of your business, you can never be too careful. We’ve talked about the precautions that consumers should take to keep their personal information secure and out of the hands of cyber criminals. Now let’s talk about what businesses need to keep in mind to keep their data and employees safe.

Cybersecurity within a business is especially important for various reasons. To ensure maximum security within a business, it’s important to consider the following:

Limit access: In limiting the number of employees that have access to business information, you are limiting the possibility of a data breach. If possible, access should only be given to employees that need the information to complete their work.
Email etiquette: In this BYOD world, it can be hard to control that fine line between work and personal matters. It’s imperative that businesses outline strict rules for employees to follow when it comes to checking their email on the go. Consider training employees on email security, and how to spot a scam in their inbox.
Log-off policies: Due to busy days and constant multi-tasking, many employees don’t get into the habit of logging-off their devices when they walk away. Automated lock or log-off for all devices secures each device with password-protected screen savers or automatic log-off after a period of inactivity, cutting off access to unauthorized users.
Have an emergency plan: In case of an attack, it is important to have a plan to immediately minimize the negative effects. Consider walking through a process with your team before something bad happens, so that if the time comes everybody knows their role. Taking a proactive approach helps businesses identify possible threats and mitigate risks accordingly.

As the threat of cyberattacks continues to grow, businesses will increasingly become targeted by thieves wanting sensitive information. It’s important for businesses to focus more on the security of data, while becoming aware of the impacts a breach could have on employees and customers.

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