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DMARC Data: Uncovering the Blind Spots

Agari November 7, 2014 DMARC, Resources
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Your guide to uncovering the Blind Spots with DMARC Data.

Earlier this week I sat down with Brett McDowell, Cybersecurity Advisor & Co-founder of the DMARC Working Group, and John Wilson, Email Security Expert & Solution Consultant at Agari, to chat about email channel visibility and threat detection. It was a great webinar – really interesting to hear Brett talk about the early days of DMARC and its impact on PayPal’s brand reputation and security. A few years ago PayPal had what Brett calls a “cocktail party problem” which meant every time he went to a party and told someone he worked for PayPal, they proceeded to complain vigorously to him about the amount of spam email they were getting. Implementing DMARC was instrumental in solving this problem for PayPal and made it safe for consumers to open PayPal’s emails… and insured Brett could safely go to those cocktail parties again.

If you missed the story & the conversation, you can watch it here!

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