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Protect Your Employees From Spear Phishing Attacks With
Agari Enterprise Protect

Existing Solutions Are Failing to Stop Spear Phishing

Email continues to be the primary way cyber criminals infiltrate an enterprise. 95% of cyberattacks and data breaches involve spear phishing. 100% of spear phishing attacks involve identity deception. Existing solutions are failing to protect organizations from targeted email attacks, spear phishing and business email compromise.

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Stop the Threats Bypassing Existing Solutions

Detecting threats based on content or infrastructure analysis won’t work against the latest advanced email attacks. Agari Enterprise Protect takes a new approach to stopping these attacks using multiple patented machine learning models that integrate identity mapping, trust models and behavioral analytics linking the Internet’s infrastructure with organizational and individual user data. Built against massive, Internet-scale data sets, including insights from over 2 trillion emails every year across 3 billion global inboxes, Agari can automatically and reliably detect and prevent the latest advanced email attacks.

Secure email & evaluate risk associated with every inbound email.

Quickly identify email spoofing with email fraud detection.

Automatic alerts when email threats are identified.

Detect common techniques used in targeted email attacks.

“If an attacker sends out 10 spear phishing emails, there is an astonishing 90% chance that at least one person will fall victim to the attack.” — Verizon Data Breach Incident Report

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Restore Trust With Secure Email


Agari Enterprise Protect enables you to quickly view the trust landscape of all messages being sent to your employees.

Sets of messages that authentically come from trusted senders are clearly separated from those that do not.



White Paper: Turning the Tables on Cyber Attackers


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