Protect Your Employees From Targeted Email Attacks

with Agari Enterprise ProtectTM

Maintain Secure & Effective Business Communication Between Employees, Partners, and Customers

Email continues to be the primary business communication tool and the easiest way cybercriminals infiltrate the enterprise. With 95% of cyberattacks and data breaches started with email, stop targeted email attacks such as BEC, spear phishing, or Account Takeover  to empower your employees, partners, and customers to communicate freely without fear of being breached.

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Advanced Email Threat Protection

Existing Solutions are Failing to Stop the Modern, Sophisticated, Identity-based Attack

Detecting threats based on content or infrastructure analysis won’t work against the latest advanced email attacks. Agari Enterprise Protect takes a new approach to stopping these attacks, with Agari Identity IntelligenceTM as the core of its next generation Advanced Threat Protection platform for email. Agari Identity Intelligence uses multiple patented Machine Learning models and artificial intelligence that maps communications to known identities, detects behavioral anomalies, and understands trust relationships to reveal deception. Agari leverages global email telemetry of more than 2 trillion emails per year and real-time data pipelines to train its Internet-scale ML models and stay ahead of the modern, sophisticated, identity-based attacks such as ATO and BEC attacks.

Enforce Email Authentication policies

Enforce email authentication policies such as DMARC, SPF, and DKIM


Reduce security operational load with visibility and confirmation into attacks that were prevented


Keep employees productive by stopping today’s sophisticated identity-based attacks such as BEC or ATOs


Extend protection to trusted partners with insights into which senders have been compromised

“If an attacker sends out 10 spear phishing emails, there is an astonishing 90% chance that at least one person will fall victim to the attack.” — Verizon Data Breach Incident Report

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Restore Trust With Secure Email


Agari Enterprise Protect enables you to quickly view the trust landscape of all messages being sent to your employees.

Sets of messages that authentically come from trusted senders are clearly separated from those that do not.



Report: Protecting Against Account Takeover Based Email Attacks

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