Business Email Compromise (BEC) is a major $26 billion dollar problem affecting more than three-fourths of the world — but it’s not an especially technical one. That’s because BEC and similar scams rely on the age-old manipulation techniques grifters and con artists always have employed. What’s changed is the scale, social conditioning, and anonymizing qualities that modern technology and email have enabled.

Join Agari Cyber Intelligence Division threat analyst Ronnie Tokazowski for an entertaining and informative look into the techniques and threats posed by email scams. As a certified ethical hacker, Ronnie will share his unique perspective and insights about how scammers are targeting your employees, including:

  • The core techniques behind BEC, payroll diversion schemes, check fraud, romance scams, account takeovers, and vendor email compromise
  • Why the BEC problem remains underreported and so hard to solve
  • Key steps your team and employees can take to change the dynamics of BEC

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ronnie tokazowski

Ronnie Tokazowski

Senior Threat Researcher

Ronnie Tokazowski, aka iHeartMalware, is a Senior Threat Researcher with Agari who specializes in BEC intelligence. Ronnie also has experience reverse engineering APT malware and finds enjoyment by messing with threat actors.