Silent Starling is a newly-discovered cybercriminal group comprised of Nigerian cybercriminals, intent on scamming as much as they can from their victims through a new attack type named vendor email compromise (VEC).

Attend the webinar to learn:

  • What VEC is and how it differs from other major attacks
  • Why VEC is the largest threat for your supply chain
  • Which of your employees are most likely to be targeted
  • How Silent Starling runs these scams with unparalleled success

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Crane Hassold

Crane Hassold

Senior Director, Threat Research

Crane Hassold is the Sr. Director of Threat Research at Agari, where he leads an intelligence team responsible for researching enterprise-focused phishing threats. Prior to moving to the private sector in 2015, Crane served as an Analyst at the FBI for more than 11 years, providing strategic and tactical analytical support to cyber, financial crime, and violent crime cases.