Discover how Agari Brand Protection™ simplifies DMARC email authentication and enables you to prevent domain spoofing, so that you can protect your customers and partners from email attacks that hijack your brand.

DMARC eliminates a key threat vector to attack your customers and partners by preventing criminals and bad actors from hijacking your domains and brand with spoofed emails.

But a DMARC record is just the start.

In this product demonstration, enterprise email and security experts Brent Sleeper and Mike Olsen share a quick demonstration of how Agari Brand Protection™ simplifies the deployment and management of DMARC for enterprise teams.

By watching this short product demo, you will gain valuable insights, such as:

  • Why DMARC email authentication matters—as well as some of its challenges and limitations
  • The easiest way to deploy and maintain SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records
  • How to simplify management of email authentication of third-party senders
  • Tips for analyzing DMARC trends and forensic data

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Brent Sleeper

Sr. Manager, Product Marketing

Brent Sleeper is a senior product marketer at Agari. A fierce advocate for customers and the business value of technology, Brent has 20 years of experience helping enterprise software companies go to market. Prior to joining Agari, he most recently led product marketing for a leading email delivery and analytics platform.