Using active defense techniques, Agari planted credentials into more than 8,000 phishing sites impersonating enterprise applications, then monitored these accounts to see when and how each compromised account was accessed. Through our analysis, we gained unique insights into what cybercriminals do with compromised email accounts.

Join this webinar to hear answers to important questions about the lifecycle of a phishing attack, including:

  • How quickly are compromised accounts accessed?
  • How are compromised accounts accessed?
  • Where are the actors using compromised credentials located?
  • What do cybercriminals do with the compromised accounts?

Register today to discover the details, and join on June 23rd for live Q&A with the experts behind the research.

Want to learn more now? Download the threat intelligence brief on the Anatomy of a Compromised Account for an overview of the research. 

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Crane Hassold

Crane Hassold

Sr. Director, Threat Research

Crane Hassold is the Sr. Director of Threat Research at Agari, where he leads an intelligence team responsible for researching enterprise-focused phishing threats. Prior to moving to the private sector in 2015, Crane served as an Analyst at the FBI for more than 11 years, providing strategic and tactical analytical support to cyber, financial crime, and violent crime cases.

Brent Sleeper

Sr. Manager, Product Marketing

Brent Sleeper is a senior product marketer at Agari. A fierce advocate for customers and the business value of technology, Brent has 20 years of experience helping enterprise software companies go to market. Prior to joining Agari, he most recently led product marketing for a leading email delivery and analytics platform.