Stop BEC, Imposter Email and CEO Fraud

Cyber criminals target financial institutions – they exploit your trusted brand and try to trick even the most vigilant employee into sharing private information.

Agari is trusted by 6 of the top 10 banks to protect their people and their businesses from digital deception.

  • See in real time imposter emails bypassing existing SEGs, yet caught by Agari
  • Protect your executives from highly personalized email scams: e.g. CEO to CFO wire fraud
  • Stop third parties from using your domain to scam your customers

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FS-ISAC Use Case: BEC in Financial Services

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Financial Organizations Are Targeted First

It’s no surprise that financial institutions, insurance companies, and banks are prime targets for phishing attacks. When criminals impersonate a trusted brand, they choose a bank or electronic payments service 64% of the time (Cyveillance). Although the customers are recouped for financial losses following an attack, the targeted organizations don’t have the same degree of protection. Typically, security incidents can result in data loss, financial harm, reputational damage and increased customer attrition.

The End of Phishing Attacks for Financial Organizations

Agari is trusted by leading Fortune 1000 companies, including six of the top 10 banks, to protect their enterprise, partners, and customers from advanced email phishing attacks.

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How Can Organizations Secure Email Channels?

Without visibility into the true sender of an email, organizations are often powerless to stop phishing attacks. With Agari, financial organizations gain unprecedented visibility and the ability to control their email ecosystem using minimal resources to manage your email vendors and email streams.

Agari secures the email channels of six of the top 10 globally recognized banks. For one of these leading financial services clients, Agari was able to identify 1.25m malicious URLs, 1.3m spoofing servers, and 194 million malicious emails. Organizations that secure their email also secure revenue, increase customer confidence, and reduce service costs.

email phishing

“Elimination of fraudulent email not only improves the customer experience by reducing risk,
it lifts email campaign response rates. Agari gave us the capability to understand the
scope of this.”

— Leading Global Bank

The Solution: Agari Email Trust Platform

Email is the most popular communication tool and the entry point for up to 95% of security breaches. With no consistent way to verify the identity of email senders, users are vulnerable to attackers posing as a trusted businesses or individuals.

The Agari Email Trust Platform is the only solution that verifies trusted email identities based on insight into 10 Billion emails per day to stop advanced email threats that use identity deception. Agari protects the inboxes of the world’s largest organizations from the number one cyber security threat of advanced email attacks including phishing and business email compromise.

Financial Services Case Study - Securing A Leading Bank With Agari


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