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Advanced Email Threat Protection for Google Apps (G Suite)

Protect your G Suite deployment against email attacks that use identity deception.

Adoption of cloud email continues to grow, with Google’s G Suite (formerly Google Apps) gaining traction with small and medium-sized enterprises. Unfortunately, Google is also the largest cloud-based target of phishing attacks. To secure your deployment and protect your gmail users, you need to augment your email security to address today’s most damaging threats.

Built-in G Suite Protection Is No Match for Identity Deception

To protect users from email threats, G Suite provides spam filters and malware scanning features, achieving catch rates similar to leading email security gateways. To prevent phishing attacks, Google provides extensions with Chrome and participates in the DMARC protocol. Theses controls are effective, but are not enough. It is trivial for attackers to bypass approaches that look for bad content, attachments, URLs, signatures or other forms of bad behavior. Attackers can easily evade these protections by impersonating trusted individuals, partners or brands and avoiding the use of malicious content.

Where G Suite email security excels:
  • New and existing spam attacks
  • Malware/malicious attachments
  • URL-based phishing
Where it falls short:
  • Low-volume, targeted email attacks
  • Zero-day attacks with no existing signatures
  • Social engineering-based attacks with no malicious content
  • Business email compromise and spear phishing attacks that use identity deception

A View From the Trenches

Customer: Leading provider of mail security solutions
Environment: Gmail for G Suite
Attacker goal: To obtain financial information
Tactic: Sent carefully crafted email with no malicious content targeting high level executive

Caught by Gmail security filters? No
Caught by Agari Trust Analytics: Yes

Fortify G Suite With Trust-Based Security Attackers Can’t Evade

Other approaches rely on trying to predict or detect bad behavior or malicious content. This works if attackers don’t evolve and innovate. Only Agari creates a model of trusted email by analyzing your organization’s inbound email and correlating it with billions of emails every day from the world’s largest email providers, including Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. Then, that trust model is used to categorize and prevent attacks using identity deception from reaching your employees’ inboxes.

G Suite + Agari: An Unbeatable Combination

  • Cloud-native architecture for seamless integration with G Suite
  • Eliminates need for custom Gmail filters or broad quarantine rules
  • Stops sophisticated email attacks that evade email content filters

Stop Spear Phishing & BEC Attacks with Agari Enterprise Protect

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