Protecting Customers From Phishing At FS-ISAC

A long-time sponsor of FS-ISAC, Agari takes pride in being a member of the digital security community, committed to protecting financial services brands and their customers from email-based cyber attacks. During this year’s conference, held at the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, we once again joined our industry brethren, reconnected with familiar faces and forged new relationships with cyber security leaders inside the financial services sector.

Our Field CTO, John Wilson, spoke to standing-room only solutions showcase attendees about Agari Customer Protect and demonstrated exactly how easy it is for cyber criminals to deploy phishing emails and hijack sensitive customer information from under the nose of financial services firms. Our flagship security product, Customer Protect, illustrated the effectiveness of DMARC email authentication when it’s used to block fraudulent emails from reaching customer inboxes. Having unprecedented visibility into your email ecosystem is key to protecting against targeted email attacks.

Another prominent figure in the cyber security community, former Congressman and member of the House Intelligence Crime Committee, Mike Rogers, served as FS-ISAC’s keynote speaker. During his speech, he discussed the impact of cyber security and counter terrorism on national policy. He explained that protecting against data breaches is one thing, but the next wave of cyber criminals is interfering with the communication channel between corporations and their customers, thereby destroying customer trust. Agari Customer Protect addresses this threat by ensuring that only legitimate messages reach your customers’ inboxes.

With a shared passion for cyber security, FS-ISAC allowed financial services firms, large and small, a sociable forum to ask questions, share the latest customer information and think long term about the steps needed to further protect sensitive information and eliminate email as a vector for cyber attacks.