Today, just a few short weeks after Yahoo! boldly stepped forward to protect Yahoo! users and internet denizens everywhere, AOL followed suit by refusing to allow criminals to abuse their brand to confuse and infect everyone with an email account. Getting to this point has been a long time coming- far too long. After  years of suffering unrelenting waves of email abuse, press headlines about data theft, stolen passwords, and untold angry, defrauded consumers. Two of the largest email properties on the planet have stepped forward to fight back.

At this point,the way forward is clear for every mail provider. Whether Gmail, Outlook and others adopt today, tomorrow or next month, we expect them to join their peers in protecting everyone from email abuse. March madness is behind us but April madness has just opened up. Join my pool and the conversation on Twitter using #NextToReject to guess who will be next and when.

Years from now, as we think back to the ‘bad old days’, these will be seen as watershed events in email security and DMARC.