Agari Identity IntelligenceTM — the Engine Behind the Agari Email Trust Platform

Agari Identity Intelligence uses internet-scale data telemetry with advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to model email identity characteristics, expected behavior, and personal, organizational, and industry-level relationships.

Agari Identity Intelligence

Identity Mapping

Which identity is perceived to be sending this message?
Identity Intelligence - Identity Mapping

The first step is to determine who the perceived sender is. Looking at identity markers maps this to the organizational identity of the company.

Behavioral Analytics

Does this message match the expected behavior for that identity?
Identity Intelligence - Behavior Analytics

Then the behavior of this identity is compared across those expected for related entities by leveraging multiple proprietary models.

Trust Modeling

How is the perceived identity related to the recipient?
Identity Intelligence - Trust Modeling

Finally Agari Identity Intelligence assesses the email’s trustworthiness by contextualizing the validity of the identity, the behavioral anomaly metrics, and relationship.