Secure your brand from being used in phishing attacks targeting customers and employees.



Retailers in the Cross-Hairs

Retailers use Agari to prevent consumer phishing scams and to protect against data breaches.

Cybercriminals send fake emails that are branded to look like communications from retailers, but are designed to fool your customers and steal their information. With the prevalence of emails that are sent from retailers, this can become a massive problem very quickly.

Employees at retailers are also targeted with executive spoofing schemes, fake vendor invoices, bogus package delivery notices, and phony IT alerts—all designed to redirect payments or gain employee email and log-in credentials.

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Secure Email Cloud

Agari accelerates implementation of DMARC email authentication and provides look-alike domain protection to prevent unauthorized use of your brand for phishing attacks.

Our solutions also stop advanced email threats targeting your employee inboxes—including phishing, business email compromise, account takeover-based attacks and other advanced threats.

For threats that slip past defenses or activate after delivery, our Continuous Detection and Response technology locates and removes latent threats from the inbox.

Challenges & Solutions

Always-on protection for your brand and organization.

Consumer phishing involves scams using your brand and hard-earned goodwill for targeted attacks against consumers.

These fraudulent emails are crafted to look like legitimate emails about customer accounts, billing details or online orders.

Agari solutions help to quickly implement DMARC email authentication, securing your corporate domain from being used by imposters. Unauthorized messages are blocked according to policies you set and tailor to specific business needs.

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Email is the attack vector for as much as 96% of data breaches. Fraudsters trick employees into logging into fake websites for tracking packages or in response to IT alerts requesting password verification.

Armed with login credentials, hackers can then gain unauthorized access to not only email, but also file sharing services, collaboration tools and confidential information. Stolen data and intellectual property can then be sold or used for even more highly targeted attacks personalized using context that only a few people should know.

Agari solutions forensically inspect all email coming into and traveling across the organization and have a high efficacy in detecting and stopping advanced attacks.

PRotecting Against Account Takeover-based Email Attacks 

CEO or executive spoofing and fake vendor invoices are a common spear-phishing tactic. These scams take many forms. Some target CFOs and their assistants with urgent or confidential payment requests.

Another tactic can look like a legitimate vendor notice to change bank routing details. Still others are intent on gaining access to confidential employee or customer information.

Agari solutions stop evolving attacks by evaluating current-to-historical behaviors across identities. Messages that deviate from known good sending behavior are handled according to tailorable policies.

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Email provides fraudsters with a convenient way to deliver customized malware, remote access trojans and computer viruses. These lack a recognizable “digital signature” so they slip past legacy defenses.

Identity deception is often used to deliver these payloads, but the lack of good email and behavioral history makes these attacks stand out to Agari.

Agari is uniquely able to defend against zero-day attacks that have never been seen before to give you the confidence to open and click anything in your inbox.

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Email security training is part of a layered defense, but in addition to legitimate incidents it can also generate false positives – often many of them.

Agari cuts Security Operations Center response time by up to 95% for employee-reported incident triage, forensics, remediation and breach containment.

Breaches that otherwise take months to discover are detected and contained in mere minutes. And automated impersonation, URL and file analysis detects malicious content that easily evades traditional secure email gateways (SEGs).

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