Hi, my name is Keith Gordon. I’m the Chief Information Security Officer at Ally Financial. I’m based in Charlotte, North Carolina. And if you don’t know who Ally is, so we are a 100% digital bank.

What security challenges are you facing with email?
So the email channel we have a couple of things that we have to deal with obviously is the inbound email into our company and we, again, much like any other companies face daily attacks from the email channel. So we have to continually be on the watch. Our tools have to be continually updated to watch for these types of attacks. From a customer perspective, we’re in that same boat where our brand is one that’s now becoming more prolific in the market. So we’re seeing phishing attacks against our customers using our brand. So it’s one that we have to partner with Agari very closely as we’re continuing to roll out all of our sending domains to ensure that they’re protected correctly.

What challenges are you addressing with Agari and what benefits have you seen?
My business partners and our marketing folks, they want to ensure that the messages that they’re developing are actually getting to our customers. If you think about something like an alert for your banking account, if we’ve detected something anomalous, we absolutely want to make sure that’s being delivered, that’s being delivered securely and quickly, and that our customer knows confidently that that’s us communicating to them and not a fraudster trying to manipulate.


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