• DMARC Record Found: coffee.co.uk

  • DMARC Record Policy: reject

  • BIMI Record Found: coffee.co.uk

BIMI Logo Found: coffee.co.uk
BIMI Record Found: coffee.co.uk

v=BIMI1; l=https://coffee.co.uk/logo.svg; a=;

How Your Logo Will Appear: coffee.co.uk
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Learn More About BIMI

What is BIMI?

Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) is an industry-wide standards effort that will use brand logos as indicators to help people avoid fraudulent email, while giving marketers a new opportunity to put their brands in front of consumers for free.

Why Use BIMI?

Every time your organization sends an email, BIMI guarantees that your logo will be displayed in the preview pane and near the "from" line. When users see that logo, they'll trust the email and be more likely to respond to the email.

How Does BIMI Work?

BIMI builds on the DMARC standard for authenticating email. Before sending an email to a user's inbox, email platforms check the email against the sender's DMARC record within each email message to confirm authenticity. Once a DMARC record has been adopted, organizations can add a BIMI Certificate and update domain records to include its BIMI policy.

What Happens Next?

Creating a BIMI record and publishing it to the DNS per the instructions above does not automatically place the logo in all customer inboxes. At this time, only certain inbox and email service provider clients are supporting BIMI, though other email clients will likely add BIMI support this year. The BIMI record and associated logo published in your DNS will appear in email clients that support the BIMI protocol. Please contact Agari for more details.

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