94% of data breaches start with email. Within minutes of the first click, cybercriminals can take sensitive data, steal intellectual property, and divert funds. Meanwhile, it can take businesses months to detect the breach, and even longer to remediate it.

Most organizations receive tens of thousands of phishing incident reports each year. On average, it takes almost seven hours to triage, investigate, and remediate each one. And over half are false positives, wasting valuable time and resources.

All the while, cybercriminals are accessing your data and exposing your organization to extraordinary risks.

Now, Agari Phishing Response picks up where legacy security controls leave off to detect latent threats and reduce phishing incident response time by up to 95%.

Through the power of advanced machine learning models and a highly innovative identity graph, Agari applies intelligence from newly discovered indicators of compromise to protect employees from phishing, BEC, and account takeover-based attacks that have evaded initial detection or weaponized post-delivery.

Agari Phishing Response prioritizes incidents and empowers SOC analysts to move quickly and decisively with automated support to triage incidents, remove false positives, and perform forensic analysis to discover similar attacks in other inboxes, even if the sender, subject line, or body have differences. Then, with a single click, Agari can remove all the malicious emails from all affected inboxes. Designed to support Microsoft environments, Agari Phishing Response transitions email security from a one-off event to an end-to-end supported process.With Agari, your organization is protected from the disruption that comes with today’s evolving email attacks, saving you money and reducing incident response time from months, to just a few minutes.