In digital marketing, your brand needs to engage customers. Those conversations start with your emails, which are exactly what cybercrime syndicates try to exploit. They use your name as a disguise to get your customers to open their malicious messages, exposing them to identity theft and possibly helping the cybercriminals access more victims. Of course, your brand had nothing to do with the attack, but since your customers saw your name, they’ll blame you and any other emails you send won’t get opened, endangering your entire digital campaign.

Outbound email is the number one unmanaged security risk for your customers and your business. You need Agari Brand Protection to secure your email channel and ensure that every email your customers get from you will really be from you, no matter what your industry. Partnering with the world’s leading brands and email providers, Agari aggregates threat data from billions of email inboxes globally, then contextually correlates it for over 7 billion messages per day, empowering you to authenticate and verify your emails while stopping the fraudulent ones.

You’ll get cutting edge intelligence on brand abuse and detection of email attacks in real time, before they scale. Agari Brand Protection provides you with the experience, tools and analytics you need to ensure that malicious emails don’t reach your customers, so they’ll be willing to start the digital conversation and keep it going. Lock your customers in by locking cybercriminals out. Agari Brand Protection.