Healthcare receives the most cyber attacks and is the least protected industry. From July 2017-December 2017, over 50% of email from healthcare organizations was malicious or unauthenticated.

This is because electronic health records sell for around $50 each, far more than a stolen social security number, which only sells for $1. It’s also because Healthcare as an industry has not widely adopted DMARC.

In an effort to change this, the NH-ISAC has challenged all members to pledge to implement an email security protocol called DMARC in 2018. To date, 69% of NH-ISAC members have not yet implemented DMARC.

Join Jim Routh, NH-ISAC Chair, Matthew Shallbetter, HHS Director of Security & Design, Shezhad Mirza, GCA Director of Operations and Patrick Peterson, Founder & Executive Chairman of Agari in an web panel discussion about how DMARC secures the email channel to keep cyber imposters from posing as your healthcare organization to send malicious emails.

Watch this webinar for:

  • Insight into the healthcare cybersecurity threat landscape
  • Clarity on how DMARC secures your email channel and practical knowledge on what a typical DMARC implementation includes
  • Case study on how the Department of Health and Human services implemented DMARC on 120 domains
  • A clear path to implement DMARC at your organization in 2018
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