Email is a crucial channel for retailers, but security vulnerabilities make it easy for criminals to target customers and employees, causing lost revenue and broken trust. In this webinar, Agari’s Field CTO John Wilson explores:

  • The challenges retailers face with inbound and outbound email security;
  • The role DMARC plays in stopping illegitimate emails using retailers’ domain names; and
  • The new BIMI standard that helps consumers identify authentic emails from retailers.

Watch now to learn how active defense methods—part of the Agari Secure Email Cloud— turn the tables on cybercriminals and protect retailers’ brand image, customer trust, and revenue.

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John Wilson Circle

John Wilson is the field chief technology officer at Agari, responsible for researching and utilizing the company’s advanced data security insights to drive continuous technology innovation. Prior to Agari, Wilson served as the chief technology officer of Brandmail Solutions, where he developed the world’s first authentication-based anti-phishing solution. Before Brandmail Solutions, he held chief technology officer positions at several technology startups including Concurro, Inc. and 365 media. ...

Harpreet Kalra

Harpreet Kalra is the Intel Production Manager at the Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center (R-CISC). He has nine years of Cyber Security experience under his belt, specializing in Threat Intelligence and Vendor Management. He is focused on maturing large-scale enterprise threat programs, strategic communication, and stakeholder management, and has helped develop Threat intelligence programs for Morgan Stanley, USPS, and Booz Allen.