As organizations migrate email to Office 365, their cloud-first strategies are calling into question the efficacy of their legacy Secure Email Gateway (SEG).

Particularly with new built in antivirus, anti-spam, data leak prevention, archiving and other capabilities build into the native O365 architecture, is the SEG still needed?

This white paper explores the new security features of Office 365 and the benefit of paring it with the new Secure Email Cloud to stop modern threats such as spear phishing, business account compromise and email account takeover.

About Agari 

Agari is transforming the legacy Secure Email Gateway with its next-generation Secure Email Cloud powered by predictive AI. Leveraging data science and real-time intelligence from trillions of emails, the Agari Identity Graph detects, defends, and deters costly advanced email attacks including business email compromise, spear phishing, and account takeover. Winner of the 2018 Best Email Security Solution by SC Magazine, Agari restores trust to the inbox for government agencies, businesses, and consumers worldwide.

Discover How Agari Can Improve Your Current Email Security Infrastructure 

As your last line of defense against advanced email attacks, Agari stops attacks that bypass other technologies—protecting employees and customers, while also enabling incident response teams to quickly analyze and respond to targeted attacks. Try our simulated demo, or get a free trial today to discover how much money you can save by adding Agari to your email security environment.

Calculate the ROI of Implementing Agari 

Discover how much money you can save by adding Agari to your email security environment with our custom ROI analyzer. 

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