As organizations migrate email to Office 365, their cloud-first strategies are calling into question the efficacy of their legacy Secure Email Gateway (SEG).

Particularly with new built in antivirus, anti-spam, data leak prevention, archiving and other capabilities build into the native O365 architecture, is the SEG still needed?

This white paper explores the new security features of Office 365 and the benefit of paring it with the new Secure Email Cloud to stop modern threats such as spear phishing, business account compromise and email account takeover.

Microsoft Office 365 + Secure Email Cloud
The Next Generation of Advanced Protection for Cloud Email

The next-generation approach to email security protects against new and advanced attacks better than its predecessors, but it also encompasses additional features not typically present in a SEG. With the ability to authenticate legitimate sender domains, inspect email flowing laterally across the organization, and recheck the inbox to detect and remediate latent threats, the next-generation of email security is designed for modern organizations undergoing a digital transformation.

In either a cloud-only or hybrid environment, the Secure Email Cloud uses secure APIs to ensure faster mail delivery and prevent downtime. This ensures that the native Microsoft Office 365 security controls are not blinded by a legacy inline SEG architecture.

This represents a significant departure from simply tacking on additional products and feature sets to the traditional SEG in what can best be described as a band-aid approach. Instead the new Secure Email Cloud transforms email security from a tactical, event-based approach to a strategic, continuous process that learns from evolving threats to block advanced attacks and help SOC teams reduce detection and remediation time by up to 95%.3

3. Agari Research

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