As organizations migrate email to Office 365, their cloud-first strategies are calling into question the efficacy of their legacy Secure Email Gateway (SEG).

Particularly with new built in antivirus, anti-spam, data leak prevention, archiving and other capabilities build into the native O365 architecture, is the SEG still needed?

This white paper explores the new security features of Office 365 and the benefit of paring it with the new Secure Email Cloud to stop modern threats such as spear phishing, business account compromise and email account takeover.

Advanced Email Security Coverage Charts
Agari, Microsoft, and Combined Solutions

To protect corporate domains from being spoofed, Agari provides DMARC email authentication and helps organizations manage all third-party senders to reach enforcement at p=reject as quickly as possible. This prevents unauthenticated emails from reaching the inboxes of customers, partners, and employees.

This first step in securing the email environment provides the minimum level of protection to prevent brand abuse and stop cybercriminals from tricking unsuspecting customers and employees. In fact, Microsoft itself uses Agari to protect its domains such as,, and

For the business email compromise scams and account takeover-based threats that use display name deception or look-alike domains, Agari augments the Microsoft security controls to catch additional identity deception-based threats. Using a highly-innovative identity graph to model trust relationships, the Secure Email Cloud detects malicious emails by understanding identities and relationships between sender and recipient. In this way, Agari can adjust to evolving threats and prevent them from reaching inboxes.

And unlike other systems, Agari not only protects against emails coming into the organization (AKA north-south traffic), but also continuously monitors and secures the emails traveling within an organization from employee to employee (AKA east-west traffic) to quickly discover if an internal account has been compromised. Part of the integrated solution for preventing advanced attacks, this key capability protects against bogus employee-to-employee emails.

Taking email security one step further, the Secure Email Cloud works directly with Office 365 to continuously monitor all inboxes within an organization, detecting latent threats as soon as new threat intelligence is discovered. When new threats are reported along with indicators of compromise through the global Agari SOC Network™, all inboxes protected by Agari are inspected for those threats. SOC analysts are then notified via a convenient mobile app of any threats detected and can then be deleted from all affected inboxes with a few clicks.

For phishing incidents that need closer inspection, Agari Phishing Response™
helps prioritize, triage, investigate and remediate threats in a matter of minutes, so cybercriminals never have the opportunity to redirect money or exfiltrate data. This has been shown to decrease phishing incident response time by up to 95%.

Combining Agari with Microsoft Office 365 provides next-generation security to protect against new and evolving email attacks and security issues while simultaneously eliminating the need for legacy infrastructure. As cybercriminals become more adept and discover new attack tactics, Microsoft and Agari continue to work together to protect your inbox from evolving threats—increasing confidence in your email ecosystem and saving you time and money.

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