As organizations migrate email to Office 365, their cloud-first strategies are calling into question the efficacy of their legacy Secure Email Gateway (SEG).

Particularly with new built in antivirus, anti-spam, data leak prevention, archiving and other capabilities build into the native O365 architecture, is the SEG still needed?

This white paper explores the new security features of Office 365 and the benefit of paring it with the new Secure Email Cloud to stop modern threats such as spear phishing, business account compromise and email account takeover.

Moving into the Next Generation of Email Security

After almost five decades in use, the architecture supporting enterprise email has been fundamentally redesigned and moved to the cloud. Microsoft Office 365 sits at the forefront of this movement.

In turn, the legacy Secure Email Gateway has been commoditized, with key signature- based defenses moving into Microsoft 365. The Secure Email Cloud augments these native security controls to protect against modern, identity-based attacks.

Secure Email Cloud works with Exchange Online Protection and Advanced Threat Protection—not against them—to prevent business email compromise, domain spoofing, spear phishing, account takeovers, and all forms of identity-based email attacks.

Microsoft Office 365 and the Secure Email Cloud are proven to work together to help organizations stay safe, reduce phishing incident investigative workloads, and provide premium protection of their email environment so employees, partners, and customers can trust their inboxes.

Two-thirds of Agari customers who use Office 365 have eliminated their SEG entirely and now rely on the native security controls built into the two platforms for complete email security protection. This includes leading organizations such as Informatica, Honeywell, and even Microsoft itself.

Organizations that have moved to Office 365 as well as those with hybrid deployments can rely on the same protections while eliminating the cost, overhead and complexity the SEG introduces to their business.

These protections differs in many ways from traditional legacy protections and include the ability to secure sending domains through DMARC email authentication, continuously protect against evolving identity-based attacks, automate remediation workflows for phishing incidents, and guard against email account takeover-based attacks.

This new paradigm of email security reduces the dependence on phishing training to defend organizations against the costly and time-consuming business disruption caused by modern attacks. It also simplifies the security infrastructure, reduces capital expenditures, and overhead while better equipping organizations to achieve the intended business benefits from their cloud deployment.

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