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Advanced Email Threat Protection for Microsoft Exchange

Remove the blindspot for on-premise email gateways—identity deception.

Microsoft Exchange is the dominant email platform for enterprises. Given that email is the attack vector of choice for hackers, organizations continue to deploy secure email gateways in front of their internal Exchange infrastructure to protect valuable corporate data and to guard against threats that impact productivity. Despite this layer of protection, targeted email attacks still account for over 90% of successful intrusions. If you are relying on an email gateway for on-premises email protection, you need Agari to deliver protection against advanced attacks such as spear phishing and business email compromise.

Securing Email Gateways Alone Is Not Enough

Traditional security email gateways or spam filters struggle to address targeted email attacks. The reason? It comes down to the core approach. Secure email gateways are designed to stop attacks by looking for bad content, attachments, URLs, signatures or other forms of bad behavior. However, attackers can easily evade these protections by impersonating trusted individuals, partners or brands and avoiding the use of malicious content. These attacks are regularly bypassing secure email gateways, including those that have additional layers of advanced threat protection solutions.

Secure email gateways can stop:
  • New and existing spam attacks
  • Malware/malicious attachments
  • URL-based phishing
They cannot stop:
  • Low-volume, targeted email attacks
  • Zero-day attacks with no existing signatures
  • Social engineering-based attacks with no malicious content
  • Business email compromise and spear phishing attacks that use identity deception

A View From the Trenches

Customer: Top healthcare provider
Environment: Proofpoint Gateway with Targeted Attack Prevention
Attacker goal: Process a payment to an account controlled by the attacker
Tactic: Sent carefully crafted email from CEO to CFO. Correct display name, no malicious attachments or links

Caught by Proofpoint Gateway? No
Caught by Proofpoint Targeted Attack prevention? No
Caught by Agari Trust Analytics: Yes

Microsoft Excahnge

Agari Stops What Your Secure Email Gateway Cannot

Agari works with your existing email gateway solution to stop highly targeted, carefully crafted spear phishing emails. Other approaches rely on trying to predict or detect bad behavior or malicious content. This works if attackers didn’t evolve and innovate. Only Agari creates a model of trusted email by analyzing your organization’s inbound email and correlating it with billions of emails every day from the world’s largest email providers, including Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. Then, that trust model is used to categorize and prevent attacks using identity deception from reaching your employees’ inboxes.

Securing Exchange With Agari

Microsoft Excahnge
  • Integrates with leading secure email gateways
  • Eliminates need for custom filters, broad quarantine rules, or targeted attack prevention solutions
  • Stops sophisticated email attacks that evade email content filters

Stop Spear Phishing & BEC Attacks with Agari Enterprise Protect

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