5 Expert Cybersecurity Predictions for 2016

The past year brought a staggering number of high-profile data breaches and other cyberattacks. As usual, most hackers waged attacks for financial gain. But 2015 also saw a handful of others beginning to take action for moral reasons, targeting companies they believed were doing wrong.

In the coming year, security experts expect there to be other new types of hacks that diverge from the standard blueprint. Below, find out the surprising (and scary) developments they’re betting on.

1. Destructive attacks worsen.

Not only will cybercriminals have a greater variety of motives, they will also increase their range of targets, Patrick Peterson, founder and CEO of security firm Agari, tells Inc. “Businesses and government entities that have never seen themselves in the crosshairs will move into the scope for these diversifying attackers,” Peterson warns. Nontraditional targets such as power plants and consumer sites and applications are among those that could become victims.