SAN FRANCISCO (Feb. 25, 2020)Agari, the market share leader in phishing defense solutions for the enterprise, announced today Agari Phishing Response™ automatically assesses the impact of phishing attacks with new, game-changing visualization capabilities. For the first time, Security Operations Center (SOC) professionals are now empowered to identify and eliminate latent threats lurking in employee mailboxes quickly, confidently, and efficiently.

“Cybersecurity pros are worried about the one email that slips past their security defenses and wreaks headline-grabbing havoc,” said Ramon Peypoch, Chief Product Officer, Agari. “With today’s announcement that worry essentially disappears. Agari quickly identifies similar emails that are part of a larger phishing attack, reducing false positive scores and allowing business to continue as usual. This cuts down noise and allows SOC analysts to assess the scope of the attack at a glance.”

According to Agari’s Q4 2019 Email Fraud and Identity Deception Trends report, training employees to report suspected phish has resulted in the submission of 35,000 reports on average per year — overwhelming the SOC and resulting in excessive employee churn. Half of those submissions are false positives, basic spam, or simply nuisance email — but not malicious phishing attempts.

To counteract this trend, Agari Phishing Response empowers companies to better assess the potential impact of a threat that has seeped through their email security defenses, drive operational efficiencies, and liberate the SOC. Previously overloaded SOC analysts can now spend valuable time triaging true threats that pose significant financial harm, instead of being sidetracked by false-positives.

“Staying ahead of unknown threats and enabling the workforce to move faster with more confidence is a priority for every CISO we have talked to,” said Armen Najarian, Chief Identity Officer, Agari. “Through a deep understanding of email sender identity, Agari delivers the intelligence that every CISO desires — striking the balance between stopping unknown threats and empowering their organization to work without fear.”

Specific Agari Phishing Response enhancements include:

  • Dynamic visualization that shows scope and impact of phishing attacks
  • Improved search performance allows SOC analysts to analyze attacks at enterprise scale

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