With Office 365 Adding a SEG for Basic Spam Filtering is Redundant

Office 365 & Traditional SEGs Are No Match for Identity Deception

Microsoft Office 365 is the dominant choice for large organizations using or considering cloud-based email. While the move to Office 365 reduces operations and management overhead and provides a compelling user experience, it raises serious security challenges. If you’re making the move to the cloud and Office 365, adding a traditional SEG only adds redundancy to your spam filtering and malware protection.  You need to augment your email security to address today’s most damaging threats – advance phishing, BEC, and brand imposter attacks.

In fact, identity deception is so effective that it is used in nearly all advanced email attacks. To stop these attacks a new model focused on determining sender trust and message authenticity is required, of which Exchange Online Protection nor traditional SEGs were ever designed for. View this video to learn more.

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