A targeted email attack, such as Business Email Compromise (BEC), is designed to bypass an organization’s security defenses using sophisticated social engineering techniques. Agari offers a truly different approach to protecting Office 365 from BEC, ransomware, and spear phishing as it covers spoofing & CEO fraud, in addition to spam and malware.

Agari has the only AI-driven defense system that analyzes 2 trillion emails per year to:

  • Model trusted communication
  • Detect identity deception
  • Stop targeted email attacks that even the best secure email gateways miss

Agari runs in the cloud, works seamlessly with Office 365, and eliminates the need to have a second-layer SEG.

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Office 365 + Agari: An Unbeatable Combination

Office 365
  • Integrated identity-based threat detection with machine learning that stops advanced email attacks
  • Cloud-native architecture for seamless integration with Exchange Online & Azure Active Directory
  • Access to email attack forensics intelligence to help prioritize security incidents and automate remediation actions

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