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The #1 Email Security Solution
for Government Agencies

Keep private email safe and secure. Join government agencies nationwide who are
building stronger defenses against phishing and email spoofing.

Build Stronger Defenses Against Phishing and Email Spoofing

Billions of emails hit government inboxes every day. Hidden among legitimate messages are sophisticated phishing emails designed to defraud or compromise sensitive data.

Threats have become increasingly sophisticated and are initiated by a wide range of adversaries — from rogue hacktivists to state-sponsored cyber criminals.

The scale, sensitivity, and critical nature of the targeted data means any inbound phishing attack on an international, federal, state or local agency or government body is a threat to private and public security.

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Government Impersonation

Fraudulent criminal organizations often pose as government agencies through website and email spoofing. Using “agency spear phishing”, cyber criminals impersonate a specific person at a government body over email, targeting an employee from the same or another agency.

To the unwitting recipient, the consequences of not reading and responding to a federal agency demand are deemed more serious than ignoring a consumer brand’s direct email.

Secure Your Government Agency’s Email

Authenticate Your Outbound Email

  • Stop email phishing attacks from using your organization’s reputation to exploit citizens.
  • Reduce fraud and service costs while increasing digital engagement.
  • Ensure every email your constituencies receive “from you” is actually from you with Agari Customer Protect™

Secure Your Inbound Email

Agari is an approved UK HM Government G-Cloud Supplier

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Government Agencies Trust Agari to Safeguard Communications

Detect, Prevent, and Respond to Cyber Crimes

  • Defend against compromising activities by exposing sources and intent.
  • Determine the volume of phishing attacks that could lead to a potential compromise of your government networks.
  • Reduce fraud and increase engagement by creating a trusted email channel.
  • Receive reports that help to analyze and strengthen the security of email channels and reduce enterprise risks.
  • Get a holistic view of your email landscape, tracking down all emails sent on your agency’s behalf.

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