Product Integrations

Integrate Agari solutions with SIEM and SOAR platforms to improve threat visibility and accelerate your incident response.

Improve Visibility
Accelerate Response
Maximize Value

Featured Integrations

Pre-configured Agari integrations with leading SIEM and SOAR platforms are quick to deploy and make it easy to unlock email threat data to enable enriched reporting, analysis, and orchestration of security events and processes.

Custom Integrations Available

To learn more about Agari APIs and to build your own custom integrations, please visit

Threat Intelligence Third-Party Integration

Agari partners with premier threat intelligence partners including Lastline, Virus Total, Domain Tools, and CrowdStrike, as well as our own threat intelligence division, so that files are submitted and go through additional analysis and improvement, ensuring that the latest threat signals are identified to better protect your business. 

agari integrations diagram