Agari Threat Intelligence Third-Party Integration

Implement an effective threat intelligence collection and sharing process.

Strengthen Your Security Posture

With a continually evolving threat landscape, organizations are under increased pressure to manage security vulnerabilities. They often need to deploy multiple threat intelligence feeds to assist in this process by identifying common indicators of compromise (IOC) and indicators of attack (IOA) and then recommending the necessary steps to prevent attack or infection.

Intelligence should integrate with other security technologies. Applying intelligence to every facet of security equips organizations to make informed, faster, and more confident decisions. Agari makes it easy to integrate a host of threat intelligence feeds into existing security solutions.

Seamless Integration with Agari

Agari Phishing Response is a one-touch phishing incident response solution that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office 365 to quickly remove all phishing emails from user inboxes—giving customers and channel partners proactive ways to detect email threats. Agari Phishing Response delivers detailed impact analysis— including URL, attachment, and sender forensics—enabling security teams to ignore false positives and slash response times. A centralized dashboard records breach containment metrics and measures reductions in response times so that security teams can demonstrate a positive ROI. By streamlining response times and easily removing malicious emails, Agari Phishing Response contains breaches in minutes rather than months.

agari integrations diagram

 Agari partners with premier threat intelligence partners including Lastline, Virus Total, Domain Tools, and CrowdStrike, as well as our own threat intelligence division, so that files are submitted and go through additional analysis and improvement, ensuring that the latest threat signals are identified to better protect your business. Agari then integrates these threat intelligence services directly into Agari Phishing Response so that no integrations or extra licenses are needed to access these services. Using third-party integrations, organizations and partners can easily achieve the highest level of threat intelligence about emerging security threats across various users, IT systems, and IP addresses, parsing it with threat intelligence data so that it can be laid out in an incident response timeline.

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