Agari Phishing Defense | Anti-Phishing and Impersonation Prevention Solution from Fortra

Fortra's Agari Phishing Defense

Protect employees against phishing, Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks, and impersonation tactics.

Email phishing is still the go-to attack used to target your workforce and supply chain. According to the 2022  FBI/IC3 Report,  one type of these attacks alone–BEC–resulted in total losses in excess of $10.2B, up 48% from 2021.

Phishing Merely Scrapes the Threat Landscape

Cybercriminals have learned to bypass traditional security controls and outsmart even highly trained professionals with fake messages disguised as trusted individuals and brands. By doing so, they prompt unsuspecting employees to take action.

From Tricky Deception to Winning Threat Detection

Agari Phishing Defense is an integrated, cloud-based email security solution that uses data science, threat intelligence, and automated threat removal to keep user inboxes free from advanced email threats. With Agari Phishing Defense, enterprises using Microsoft 365, Exchange, or Google Workspace can stop attempts at impersonation and social engineering ploys.


Solution Features

Industry leaders count on Agari to avoid the cost and business disruption that comes from rapidly evolving, identity deception-based attacks, such as impersonation.

Advanced Data Science

The data science behind Agari Phishing Defense is an advanced system of machine learning (ML) models, neural networks, Large Language Models (LLMs), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools that work together to accurately detect impersonation and social engineering techniques used in messages.

Agari’s Data Science is supported by a team of data scientists with extensive experience in practical applications of modern ML and AI technologies. These experts partner with Fortra’s storied roster of email threat researchers spanning Agari, Clearswift, PhishLabs, and other Fortra products.

Together, they ensure Agari’s Data Science is trained and optimized to detect unknown threats that bypass traditional email security controls. To learn more about Agari’s Data Science, download our “Inside Agari’s Data Science” whitepaper here.


How Agari Phishing Defense Melds It All Together



Since we started using Agari, it's knocked out all of our imposter emails from the CEO and senior levels.

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