Modern, Flexible and Dynamic Architecture

Next-generation email security solutions require a next-generation technical foundation. Our Secure Email Cloud architecture delivers the integration, flexibility, and resiliency to support Agari products at true enterprise scale.

A cloud-native orientation integrates seamlessly with cloud-only, on-premises, and hybrid email configurations without risk of disruption to email operations.

An API library allows SIEM and security orchestration tools to easily ingest Agari data to quickly remediate attacks.

The dynamic nature of the Secure Email Cloud with continuous code + data updates enables rapid innovation to combat emerging attack types, many of which have never been seen before.

Core to the technical architecture lies the Agari Identity Graph™. The Graph uniquely learns sender-receiver identity behavior to “model the good” to protect your workforce and customers.

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The Agari Advantage


API-Based Integrations, easy to deploy with minimal risk.


“Always On” data enables rapid innovation like Continuous Detection and Response.


Plays well in cloud-only, on-premises, and hybrid environments.


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